Grendizer – Grendizer Coin Bank

Put your cash and coins under the protection of the fearsome defender of Fleed, Grendizer. Carefully modeled to closely match the head of the titular mech, its a perfect gift for fans of the classic super robot series.

Hunter x Hunter – Hunter License Keychain

Perfectly portable and faithfully modeled after the Hunter License from the anime classic, this keychain lets you take your love for Hunter X Hunter with you wherever you go.

Lord of the Rings – Evenstar Pendant Keychain

When the memories of fear and darkness trouble you, this Evenstar Keychain will give you aid. With a design that replicates the pendant worn by Arwen, this keychain is the perfect gift for fans of The Lord of the Rings.

Hunter X Hunter – Hisoka Mug

Not everyone can be fueled by an all-consuming desire to crush the world’s most powerful opponents. Lucky for the rest of us, this Hunter x Hunter mug by ABYstyle featuring Hisoka holds enough coffee to keep your energy up no matter what your day throws at you.